Car Rally–aka The Day We Almost Died in Flesherton

Car Rally--aka The Day We Almost Died in Flesherton

My friends are rockstars (maybe country and western stars but you can be the judge)! They are game to do almost everything on my list of 50 new adventures with me. This week, we spent 7.5 hours in the car together as we try and navigate difficult clues for the Children’s Wish Foundation car rally. We may or may not have spent 2.5 hours circling the gateway to hell in Flesherton. We even nicknamed it Flesherhell to remind us of the fun we had there. Thanks for the memories.

Learn more about what you see in the video on BluntMoms HERE.



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  1. I wasn’t sure this one would qualify for the 50 for 50, as you didn’t actually participate in the car rally. But between the 4 of you, you did consume your body weight in beer, so I guess that does mean that you ‘participating’. Good for you – at least it was a ‘girls day out’. Seven and one half hours in a car would be cause for at least one of those 50 events you are aiming for. Unless I was moving to another state, you couldn’t keep me in a car that long! Waiting for your next adventure!!!

    • We ended the day by guessing where the finish line would be based on the clues to our puzzles. So, yeah, ‘complete’ is not quite accurate. But, we made it to the finish line and didn’t have to use a lifeline. That counts for something–right?!

  2. Can hardly wait to vacation in Flesherton. It just looks like so much fun.

  3. OK, I’m puzzled. Maybe you need to give me a clue. What is a car rally? Is it like a motorized treasure hunt? Whatever it was, there was emergency beer, so I am sure it was worth doing.
    Arionis recently posted…Boy, did he knock on the wrong doorMy Profile

  4. I’m tempted to say your first mistake was going through a place called “Flesherton”, which sounds like the name of a David Cronenberg film, but then I looked up Flesherton in Wikipedia and read that, “The Turtles continued to live in the Fleserton area until they surrendered their lands to the British Crown in 1818.” So a town where the Turtles hung out can’t be all bad, although that song “Happy Together” can get on your nerves if you listen to it too much.
    Anyway it sounds like a good trip and you were smart to bring emergency cheesies.
    Christopher recently posted…Break Time.My Profile

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