Friday 5

free the penis

A ‘Free the Penis’ revolution, started by Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke, is making its way to talk shows. It has made walking the streets hazardous. Men everywhere are letting their junk out. Actually, thank God that hasn’t happened. Because this is a bad idea. Emilia started this movement because she is naked a......

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walls i am planning to build mum revised

Canadians are having fun watching the US political debacle race. I realized I am grossly in need of some physical boundaries after watching Drumpf’s plan to put walls around his country to keep the Canadians, Mexicans and Muslims out. Nothing says inspiration like racism. Am I right?! So, get out the bricks and mortar,......

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Friday 5: A Gift from Japan

Mister went to Japan and all he bought me were these face masks. Please ignore the giant forehead. That is truly scary! Remind me never to live in Japan until I have a forehead transplant or bangs, whichever is easier.   Mister thought the masks were funny. I pretended I didn’t so I wouldn’t set a......

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