Hawks, Eagles, and Owls, Oh My

Hawks, Eagles, and Owls, Oh My

Since my theme song mentions “Watch an eagle as it was flying,” I had to add that to my list of fifty new adventures and found The Ontario Falconry Centre.

Liz, Deb, Jodie, Laura and myself met Sam and he spent hours with us talking about raptors. That’s the fancy way of saying birds of prey. I’ve been schooled. I was most surprised to learn that birds feel no connection to humans or other living creatures. This might explain the dislike I had for those budgies I had when I was a teenager. Not only were they smelly and a bitch to clean up after, I felt they resented my being in their lives. I blame the birds now. The closure feels wonderful.

Having those big raptors perched on my arm did feel thrilling. They would look me right in the eye and I felt something, but it wasn’t a connection. It was more of a threat or I felt their power and intensity. Because I’m a giver, I will let you know NOT to look an owl in the eye when they are an arm’s length from you. Sam saved me, but it could have been really scary. Thankfully, I didn’t even know to be scared until afterwards.

BTW: There is an Easter Egg in the video, do you see it? And by Easter Egg, I don’t mean the chocolate kind, because those can’t be anywhere near me without it becoming my snack. You could say, I’m the raptor of chocolate.

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  1. OMG you’re so brave. I believe I’d involuntarily duck every time I’d see a raptor flying at my head! NO birds form attachments? What about the parrots who live for a hundred years and talk to people? At some point I’d think they would grow fond of who ever is feeding them?

    • His words, “They are incapable of love and affection even with their own kind.” He was talking about raptors specifically–I extrapolated it to my bitchy budgies to make me feel better.
      I wasn’t tempted to move, maybe it is because those talons were so long and dangerous looking, I was frozen to the spot.

  2. At first I thought you were holding a vulture which would have been cool because vultures, despite their disgusting feeding habits, are pretty groovy birds. People who work with them say they even have a sense of humor and are fun to work with.
    Not that I have anything against raptors other than the fact that they absolutely terrify me and I’m in awe of how brave you are for getting that close to them.
    Christopher recently posted…Special Delivery.My Profile

    • There were vultures circling us the whole time (I think it was the dead quail in the pouch making them interested). I was afraid to stand too still for fear they would think I was ready for the picking.

  3. Katarina Simons : May 14, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    I can’t do them all, but this was a very cool one too! FOMO (^8

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