Take note. The next generation is eulogizing themselves on the internet. They created this hashtag to tell us all what we are to do in the case of their deaths by a school shooting. Does this not resonate? Did we forget Parkland already?

When I was in high school I thought about hanging out with my friends, flirting with boys, eating fries at lunch, and sometimes schoolwork. I thought about getting a job, building a career, falling in love, and my long life ahead including children of my own.

I never once thought I would die at school.

We send our teenagers to school on the subway each morning and think of how many laughs they will have with their friends, how much they will learn and be able to teach us about their day. We think of the grades they will get, the trouble they will get into, the memories they will make.

We never think they will die at school.

We live in Canada. We are a gun-control country with a long history of weapons used for hunting and target shooting. You are not denied the right to weapons here. You must pass a safety training course, apply for a licence, and pass a security screening that takes about a month to be afforded that the right, but is your right. As long as those conditions are met, you can own and/or operate a weapon. You can even legally use it for self-defence even if you can prove your life was in jeopardy.

To my friends in the USA, explain to me how this would be against the US’s Second Amendment of the right to bear arms?

Now, explain why the phrase “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” seems to be ignored when talking about the Second Amendment.

Let’s unpack this.

When you look up “regulated” in the Collins dictionary it states:

“To regulate an activity or process means to control it, especially by means of rules”

If we are to believe Collins, a well regulated Militia, might also be stated as a well-controlled Militia. That couldn’t have been what the Founding Fathers meant by that statement. Let’s check the Oxford Dictionary definition instead:

“Origin: Late Middle English (in the sense ‘control by rules’), “Control by means of rules and regulations”

Ok. That sounds like control as well. Partly because it uses the word control twice. Let’s try the Cambridge English dictionary then:

“controlled by rules or laws”

Oops. I wish there had been some notes or a bibliography as part of The Constitution to see what The Founders meant. Let’s go with dictionary.com. I know it wasn’t around then, but maybe they have a good source.

“to control or direct by a rule, principle, method, etc.”

Webster’s dictionary is American, certainly, they can get it right.

“to bring under the control of law or constituted authority” 

Last chance, the Founding Fathers must have used the Urban dictionary then?

“Having used extreme violence to stop someone from stealing, or causing other problems that put you out”

BINGO! The Founders used the definition in the Urban Dictionary of regulated for The Constitution. Problem solved. Keep your guns kids. You have the right.


Some stats for you to make you think:

In the USA there have been nine school shootings this calendar year. In Canada, there have been four since the beginning of 2000. Four too many, with nine too many children dead north of the border.

In the USA, eleven kids are dead in May from school shootings and thirty-nine since January 1st, this year.

We have one-tenth of the US’s population, so even multiplied by ten, that would be forty kids dead in Canada since 2000. The USA has 39 dead since January and 285 dead since the 2000s began.

Gun control works. It allows responsible gun owners to own and operate weapons for their personal use for hunting or target practice. Then they are locked away to be taken out the next time the owners want to use their weapons responsibly. No one loses their right to bear arms here unless they don’t play by the rules.

Canada also bans the possession and use of fully automatic weapons. I believe it is because you should have to think about pressing the trigger each time you do so to ensure your aim is where you want to go. You don’t open your eyes when you start the car then close your eyes and press the gas. That would be irresponsible. Instead, you look where you are going and press the gas when you are ready to move your weapon further. Logic.

Kids don’t want to die in school shootings. They want to think about learning, flirting, laughing, and being a kid. They want the freedom of “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,” their forefather’s promised them. Please listen.



  1. You’re preaching to the choir here. The entire Florida legislature is going to be in for a huge shock next election. Although I didn’t expect the outcome of our Presidential election for a single second either.

  2. Extremely well written. Wish some of the uneducated could read well enough to apply this sage advice.

    • I wish I truly understood the anti gun control position, but they just keep quoting the Second Amendment. Times change. When the Constitution was penned they were just out of a revolution so there was still fear. I don’t think The Founders ever envisioned children gunning down children.

  3. A friend tells me his children—his very young children—routinely have active shooter drills at their school, and that practicing for such a horrific event is taking a psychological toll on them. I remember tornado drills and fire drills. Acts of nature and accidents were terrible to contemplate but never seemed like a real threat. If there were a tornado the bathrooms were safe and if there were a fire all we really had to do was get out of the building.
    I can try but really can’t imagine the psychological toll of trying to prepare for being shot. Maybe that’s part of the problem: too many adults won’t even try to imagine such an event from the children’s perspective.
    We probably won’t see any real meaningful action until those kids grow up, until they have enough power to do what we, the adults, have refused to do. Sadly, though, too many of them won’t have the chance to grow up.
    Christopher recently posted…The Party’s Over. [Part 2 Of 2.]My Profile

    • It is so hard to imagine how much torment this is creating for young lives. And just so sad. All of it. I would not want to be raising my kids in the US.
      There is hope that a new generation will fix all the mistakes made to date. The kids in Florida are proof that there is desire. Now we just need the dialogue. It might take decades, and I hope I see it in my lifetime, but it will happen. In the meantime, people suffer. Just what the Founders were trying to avoid.

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