Learning Something New–Welding

Learning Something New--Welding

Alex made it look easy in Flashdance. Gotta say the welding bit was a heap of fun and even though I am, in the instructor’s words, ‘Employable,’ I won’t be making a career of welding. But if it precedes wine with friends every day, I might reconsider.

Learn everything you didn’t see in the video on BluntMoms HERE.


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PS: Iron Works is in Clarksburg not Caledon. My fingers didn’t notice the difference. Sorry!



  1. What an awesome video Kristine…! You did an amazing job of editing! You captured so much more than I saw. Wow… thank you😀

  2. I so admire you. How are you coming up with these ideas? And where are you finding the places to do them?

  3. That’s one superfly dragon fly you made there. I noticed how the wine came last, smart. I learned my lesson when I got some people to help me move for the universally agreed upon price of pizza and beer. I provided beer at the beginning of the move and for some reason it took a lot longer and more things got broke. Now all libations are held until the last box or piece of furniture is safely placed in the new abode.

    OK, 50 to 50 suggestion time: Skydiving?
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  4. Hi Ladies! I love, love love your attitude! It’s nice to see moms getting out there and doing new things, not just living vicariously through their children 😃 On a side note, the Ironworks is in Clarksburg 😁

  5. If you’ve ever seen The Full Monty–and I suspect you have–you’ll remember the scene where the guys watch Flashdance and one of them criticizes Alex’s welding. So that’s pretty cool that you can dance and weld.
    Welding is such a big thing I wonder what you’re going to do next. It’s kind of a shame you’ve already done standup comedy, which is kind of like welding. You use fiery, precise perception to fuse separate elements together, and, with some audiences, you need to wear a safety mask.
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    • OMG, that is so funny! When are you going to do stand-up? You’d be amazing!
      I went back and watched the Full Monty scene again and had a good chuckle but now I have to watch the whole movie again. When will I have time for my bucket list?

      • Now you’ve seriously got me thinking about trying stand-up. People in my pottery class have recommended it too, which made me think you could try pottery. Believe me, it’s much harder than Demi Moore in “Ghost” makes it look, even without Patrick Swayze distracting me.
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        • Pottery… I’ll put that on the ‘to consider,’ list. I feel like that is one of those things that just couldn’t happen in a day and I’d get bored. Stand-up doesn’t happen in a day and I definitely was uber bored of my material. Even my classmates stopped laughing and I’d get a token snort from our instructor. Until you get to the audience who hasn’t heard it eleven times… then it all makes sense. You should try it!!

  6. Hi, Kristine
    awesome video. I like it.sometime you were having fun. that moment was really funny.

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