Lit Knit

50 to 50
March 05, 2018
Lit Knit

I feel really cool. First, I used the word ‘lit’ to describe knitting and it not only rhymes, but it is a cool-kid word, word (also a cool kid word). Second, because I need to use my new knitted cowl more, I’m telling myself it is a bit cool, therefore, I am cool and......

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Keep Your Back Up

We battle posture in our house every day. Mister and Daphne have chronic back pain, I sometimes suffer because of getting old, and Shaggy enjoys the slouching of a teen. When Buzz Parent wanted to do a sponsored post on my site about posture I thought it was a good tie-in. Also, I have......

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Kristine Laco

I like coffee, sleep, reality TV, Netflix and having a cleaning lady. I'm pretty sure my 'buy 10, get one free' card for the hospital is full.

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