Target Practice

Target Practice

My husband, Mister, and I entered the shooting range and the ratta-tat-tat of the gunfire was intoxicating. Terrifying, but otherwise exciting. Scratch that, we didn’t even have to enter, we heard it in the parking lot.

I think I had some fun, but I’m not entirely sure. Now, I don’t want this to be a gun control debate but I am firmly planted on the side of gun control which is kind of the reason I wanted to go try the range. I have a fear of guns and their power, but once you hold them and understand them the fear should go away. In theory.

In actuality, I was still afraid throughout the next day.

Now I just have questions. If you are a gun owner, do you go to the range often to practice? Is it something you figure out once and know forever like breathing? Were you scared the first time you held a weapon? Just curious. No judgement. My new fear now is about gun owners (when I’m travelling south, not here) not understanding the control of their weapon and making a mistake that could put themselves or other innocent people at risk. Is that a fear that you have too?

Now I just fear vans running amuck on the sidewalks because that happened to me once. It was a driver who was not trying to hurt anyone but I believe had a heart attack or fell asleep at the wheel. As a Torontonian though, we are all in mourning. #TorontoStrong

Back to the topic at hand… remember, this is not a debate. I really am trying to understand the point of view of a gun owner–for protection, not hunting, because that one I understand. If you don’t go to the range and practice, when you are hunting and miss, the moose will run away. If you don’t go to the range and practice if you have a weapon in your purse when you need to use it, is it potentially adding more stress because missing might be fatal? Talk to me.

Oh, and check out my badass shirt with the studs on the shoulders. I may have been scared, but I looked the part of being not scared.

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  1. Kisha brunette : May 3, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    We own guns for safety and target shooting. I grew up in a house with guns and was taught to shoot at 13.. my dad collects guns and is a hunter and marksman shooter. We were always taught safety. My oldest boy learned at 12..(now 18) my youngest now 16 didnt want to learn so beyond safety we never made him learn. I fully support reasonable gun controll but also the rights of responsible gun owners as well. Shooting can be a fun hobby if trained right. You dont have to hunt anything or even use for defense. Target shooting itself is fun. Its not for everybody though. My 16 yo gets nervouse just looking at an unloaded gun so he knows how to unload/hold/put safety on etc but we dont require him to shoot.

    • Thanks for commenting. I love that you have a family hobby that you, mostly all, enjoy. I do believe in responsible gun ownership–which you clearly are in that camp. I can also see from your description how it might be fun. When I got the bullseye, I was pretty impressed with myself. I am glad I tried it and learned something new.

  2. Good for you. We should all do something that scares us at least once! I’m with you though, about the wrong people having access to almost unlimited power. I’ve been told how easy it is to buy illegal weapons locally, but fortunately, I have no idea how or even who to ask. The fact that it’s possible is the part that scares me most. In yesterday’s paper (Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel) there was a 1/4 page (FRONT PAGE) ad for a gun show, directly underneath an article about a memorial service for one of the students from our recent school shooting. I wonder whose bright idea that was!

    • I think the people who want illegal weapons can figure out where to get them. In Canada too.
      What an unfortunate ad placement! And, what a sad story when kids, or any innocent people, get shot. This is why I’m pro-gun control (I do come from a gun control country to be fair).
      What Kisha ^^^ describes is exactly what I’d hope gun owners experience. The joy of the sport. Sometimes I forget that there is that side of gun ownership. Now I have a better understanding of why so many people are passionate about their guns.

  3. When I was a teenager I took a hunting safety course, at my father’s insistence. It included firing a shotgun which left my shoulder badly bruised and me never wanting to fire a gun again.
    Having said that I can see the appeal, and I know some people who go to a shooting range to fire guns, and then they leave their guns at the shooting range because they think it’s ridiculous to carry a deadly weapon around. And I respect that.
    I also live in an area where a few years ago there was serious debate over a proposed law that would allow people to carry guns to work even if their employer forbade it. One of the arguments made in favor of the law–this is not a joke–was that sometimes people might forget they’re carrying a gun.
    My response to that is that if you ever forget you’re carrying a gun you forfeit your right to carry a gun.
    Christopher recently posted…The Beach Rules.My Profile

    • Um, forget you are carrying a gun?! Damn right you should forfeit. That shotgun though… my husband (and he’s a pretty strong guy), had to lead right into it to stop the recoil from injuring his shoulder. Scared the shit out of me! Leaving them at the range sounds like a good idea. The responsibility of having a gun in the house freaks me out. Yes, locked cabinet and ammo separated, but a resourceful teenager can do just about anything.

  4. Hi Kristine,
    I can’t remember the first time I touch a gun , I was so young and my father’s gun was one of our toys. of course without bullet. ] I never afraid of a gun.

  5. Haha love this article, always remember my first time using a gun, you bring back so many memories
    Alwayne recently posted…Best Crossbow Under 600 For The Money – Top Rated Reviews 2018My Profile

  6. I have seen your video. You gained real-life experience. You have shared your experience. For that thank you.

  7. Thanks for actually going out to try it in real life. I thank you for doing this instead of sitting on the sideline. I think something needs to be done about the gun situation, I’m just unsure of what exactly since they can be used for things that aren’t bad.
    Will Scott recently posted…4 Best Lightweight Binoculars for Birdwatching (2018)My Profile

  8. Hi Kristine

    Your video looks promising. You’ve shared great tips with us. I want to practice my target too. Please don’t forget to keep sharing.

    Thanks again

  9. It,s great to see a real-life experience about the shooting. You may shoot accurate and passionate to the shooting. The main thing that fascinated me is your photo capture. Hahahaha. You clicked just some unusual capture. By the way, I admire your attempt.
    Luna recently posted…SAS Maverick One Piece Recurve Bow Review -Traditional Wood Hunting BowMy Profile

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