Woman in Mirror is Stranger Than She Appears

Woman in Mirror is Stranger Than She Appears

Remember last year when this adorable boy hugged the neighbour’s dog on his way home from school and it was caught on surveillance? Here’s your reminder. He was given a puppy by a well-meaning neighbour trying to make him happy. What will my neighbours do for me I wonder?

Maybe this will be the ‘one’ that goes viral and I will appear on The Ellen Show as she gives me a car and I will graciously give it away to charity for driving around orphan cancer patients. The crowd will go wild. Ellen will wipe away her tears as I dance my way out of the limelight–for now.

A girl can dream.



BTW: My sister-in-law did the voice over. She’s amazing!


  1. I wish I knew someone generous enough to help you (with or without the hug). But you’ll note that giving a kid a puppy means huge bills for the parents (food and vet expenses – some gift!). Imagine “winning” a car and the taxes that will ensue. Plus new car insurance. Plus extra warranties.
    You never showed (after) pictures of your truck before! It’s hard to believe you didn’t visit the ER (or did I miss that particular blog?).

  2. Quite a few stores I’ve been in have signs that say, “Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten.” I’m pretty sure a few substitute “puppy”. Either way a high end car would be more appreciated by the parents.
    Anyway the video and voice-over are incredibly professional, so, hey, most of the work’s been done. All Ellen has to do is buy you the car.
    Christopher recently posted…Das Bus.My Profile

  3. Oh, I went to the ER, Barbara. I took a bit of creative license with this one (don’t tell Ellen) as it happened 2+ years ago.
    Visit https://mumrevised.com/emergency-room-wisdom-part-v-final-saga/ for a refresh.
    Kristine @ Mum Revised recently posted…The 5-Second Rule Explained (aka The 5-Seconds Does Not Appy to Toilets)My Profile

    • Holy MoFo! Just got off the ER Wisdom page. I’m going to hang on to it until I catch up with you from back then. I’m not sure I knew you (blog-wise) 2+ years ago. I don’t remember how I got to your page in the first place or how long ago, but I’m delighted that I did. I do know that I’ve been to the ER with you a few times, and a couple of vacations as well, plus some “when we were first married” stories. Always look forward to your ‘eyeball’ when it arrives in my in box!

    • I totally missed the 5 second rule post. That could have been one of the days that AT&T decided to see how much I would put up with before I blew my temper – no computer – no telephone – no television – one right after the other within 1 week. But see, they made me miss one of your blogs, so…..think they owe me money back?

  4. I completely forgot you taped this. My mister and I just watched it. Too funny!!! Ellen needs to see this for sure.

  5. Hilarious! If Ellen doesn’t give you a car I’d be willing to let you look through my old matchbox collection and pick one for your very own.

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