Tea Leaves and Tarot Cards

I have always been interested in fortune tellers, mediums, and clairvoyants. Recently, after bull riding, Mister, Katarina and I had our palms read by some guy advertising on the street. Since hot air ballooning was cancelled due to weather a second time, I started researching how to learn the craft, if, in fact, it can be......

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Juggling My Life

50 to 50
October 30, 2018
Juggling My Life

Juggling is a fitting analogy for my life (and I suspect most lives). I’ve spent almost a year juggling the time to spend with my family, time to get my fifty items off my life list, time to sleep, time to take stock, and time to restore and maybe even write. There was not......

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Kristine Laco

I like coffee, sleep, reality TV, Netflix and having a cleaning lady. I'm pretty sure my 'buy 10, get one free' card for the hospital is full.

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